A New Bedroom
4 New meshes, Bed, Pillows, End Table, and Lamp. The end table takes it's texture from the bed and will use all recolors made for the bed. The lamp zip contains mesh and 4 recolors, the Bed zip had the end table and 4 recolors as well as the pillows mesh.
There are 5 bedding recolors, but they are not necessary, the bed will use any bedding you have in the game. The Pillows mesh is a slave and takes it's texture from any bedding in the game so you will always have a matching set.

Click on the thumb photos for a larger view.

Hollywood Bed Set with Wood Recolors, Bed, Table, Pillows 377kb, Table Lamp and Recolors 191kb, Seersucker Blue Bedding 137kb, Seersucker Gold Bedding 144kb, Seersucker Green Bedding 136kb, Seersucker Orange Bedding 136kb, Seersucker Red Bedding 144kb