This world has been created on a large map, using 8 layers to optimize performance, Global, Distant Terrain, Objects, Rocks, Lots, Trees, Effects, and Spawners.

  It has the Distant Terrain object so the world doesn't appear to be an island.

  Sufficient spawners for bugs, butterflies, fish, seeds, etc, have been placed in logical areas.

  Routing for both Sims and camera has been applied so no one can go off world or into seemingly impossible places. Roads have been graded to keep them to a natural slope, can't have them driving down a 90 degree angle!

  Streets were created using the grid to keep them straight where they border lots and the lots were then added using it to keep them flush to the streets. All street routing has been tested and is working properly including the five bridges, Sims can navigate all without any problem.

  There are no custom terrain paints, only those included with the CAW have been used and the less then 8 per block rule has been followed.

  No EAStore objects have been used but I have both the WA expansion and the EA Riverview world (available from The EAStore), and objects from both have been and I would recommend that you have both installed for this world to appear as it is meant to be. You will find food registers at the Beach, Pool, Red Door Motel, The Little Shops, and the Museum, a book register at the Library and both the relic and book registers at the Village Shops.

  I have used the Half Wall by Flabaliki, a must have download in my opinion. Please install it before you create a new hood using this world so the lots that have it will be able to use it.

  I have found that my Sims who have vehicles and drive to a commercial lot will park them on that lot if it has parking spaces. If you want to add a few more autos to decorate the parking lots you can get the mod, S3 Vehicles for Community Lots by Cameranutz II, from Sims Crossing, another great download IMO.

  I have the HEL Stuff Pack installed but nothing from it has been used and the world has been tested on a computer without the stuff pack, it installed and played without error.

  My game version is, I don't have the last patch dated 2/8/10 installed.

Lots, 131 Total --

  18 Rabbit Holes Hospital, Military Base, Landgraab Science Lab, City Hall, Bistro, Diner, Spa, Grocery, Bookstore, Theater, School, Police Dept, 3 Business Buildings, Cemetery, Abandoned Warehouse, and the Stadium.

  27 Zoned Commercial 18 Finished with Parks, Library, Gym, Pool, Beach, Museum, Community Garden, Wedding Chapel, and lots with buildings that can be used as shops or just deco lot fillers, as well as 9 Empty that you can use as you wish.

  There are 49 Residential Lots with houses and 37 undeveloped residential lots in varying sizes, depending on the street configurations lots ranging in sizes from 15x17 to 64x64 have been used to fit into the landscape.

  The recreated TS1 lots have been built to scale to match the originals and if the original was furnished the greatest effort has been made to choose the closest matching TS3 object to create the proper effect.

I want to especially thank

Simbil and Klnl

who helped me by recreating some of the fantastic TS1 lots for this project that you will find included on this world.

  Lots by Klnl Blackpoint Cottage, The Walden Estate, The Burb Home, Appleview Farm, 3 Sim Lane, Morris Cottage, and Mango Manor.

Lots by Simbil Old Goth Home, 2 Sim Lane, 7 Sim Lane (The Newbie Home), The Sunflower House, and Custer's Market.

All other lots by yours truly.

  This version of the world has been beta tested for several weeks now by some very helpful players who found only minor problems that have been fixed before releasing this final version.

  If you would like to have the original Sims from TS1 living in your hood you can find the perfect recreations by

Simbil on his TS3 EA Page
Klnl has also recreated some of the original downloadable lots and Sims that were posted by Maxis on the Exchange for TS1.
You can find them on her TS3 Page

  You can see photos of all lots included on the world on the photo page.

  Download and un-rar the file, then double click to install with the TS3 Installer.

  When you start your game choose to Create A New Hood and you will see it listed as Simsville along with Sunset Valley and Riverview in the Drop Down Menu.


This world can also be downloaded from
The Exchange
There is also a thread in the Create-A-World forum dedicated to it for questions and answers.