Welcome to Simsville

The Sims 1 Unleashed Hood recreated for The Sims 3

  In the year 1999 a great discovery was made, a tiny town with 10 home lots and less then a dozen residents was found by the well known explorer Will Wright. With the limited technology of the time only a small percentage of the town was seen by Mr Wright's followers when this information was released on February 4, 2000. But, as word of the little town got out, more and more of this tiny world came into view.
Soon the followers got to see other bits and pieces of this little world and all was good.

  Over the years the followers demanded even more coverage of the goings on by the little beings who populated this world. Finally armed with a higher degree of technology a new expedition was made back into the heart of the tiny world. It was found that the inhabitants had become even more aware of the outside world and had adapted some of the human ways they had heard of. They discovered each other, love blossomed, they interacted on their own and they discovered real family. Their children could actually grow up and they became aware of their own mortality. Their world could evolve and they could become even more aware. In their attempt to become more they decided the town needed a change, they found they could alter the terrain, even the streets and lots could be arranged to find a suitable version that would fit with their new found freedom.
The followers were amazed and all was good!

  A few more years passed, another expedition was sent out to see if this tiny world had learned anything more. It was a miracle, they had found community, the town had become a single entity, all were connected in time. Time for all was the answer, it was what they had been searching for, the passage of time was now equal for all. No longer would a child age only to find his best friend would remain a child forever. They could walk to the store, school, or work, they could even walk next door to visit a friend. Picnics and music in the park, playing with friends, riding a bike to the beach, they had become one, one with the world.
Again, the followers were amazed and all was good.

  Now it has been 10 years since the discovery of that tiny world consisting of 10 houses and less then a dozen residents. The world has had a revelation, it will return to the original layout of the town, updated to accommodate the influx of new residents of course. It was where they had come from and going home was what they needed to do. They voted 100% to live their lives where it all started, in Simsville.

  With humble apologies to Will Wright and the original Maxis, I present

Simsville 2010, a small world Odyssey